Experience Matters


But it takes more than experience.  We’re devoted to continuously improving our skills and expertise with the latest advancements in surgical procedures and technology—like robotic and laparoscopic surgery.  That allows us to customize the best possible treatment, specifically to your needs.

Meet Your Team
of Surgeons


We collaborate, because working as a team brings together different perspectives and ensures all options are carefully considered.  It ensures that you get exactly what’s best for you.

What Patients are Saying…

“The people at Missoula Surgical Associates was the best part of my experience.  It was more than obvious that they all take great pride in their work."

- Alexander



“My experience exceeded my expectations.”

- Pat



“They are compassionate, caring and willing to listen to even the smallest concern.  Everyone I came in contact with at Missoula Surgical Associates took the time to treat me like a human and not a number being punched into a computer.”

- Anonymous



“I would recommend Missoula Surgical Associates without a doubt!”

- Rozann



“You saved my life!”

- Rosemarie


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