Our Patients Say it All…

“Missoula Surgical Associates has been in practice for a long time with many years of medical service. All of my questions were answered and were easy to understand.  Everyone was willing to help.

The best part of my experience at Missoula Surgical Associates was the professional attitudes, being on time for the appointments, the friendly staff, the ease of making my appointments and the ultrasound tech because she is always very patient.

I would recommend Missoula Surgical Associates without a doubt, first rate!”

– Rozann

“I heard about Missoula Surgical Associates from a friend at the gym, and then my primary doctor recommended them as well so I knew I wanted to go there when I knew I needed to have surgery.

Missoula Surgical Associates put my mind at ease because they did a pre-op appointment with me, explained every part of the procedure, and answered every question that I had.  They are very professional, and extremely friendly.

The people at Missoula Surgical Associates was the best part of my experience.  It was more than obvious that they all take great pride in their work.  Without the staff and nurses, their business and organization could not exist.  It was the staff and doctors that made the experience so calming and easy.  They greeted me with a smile and made sure every concern was addressed before checkout.

I would absolutely recommend Missoula Surgical, and I already have!

Attention to every single small detail was a common virtue, not just for the doctors, but the staff and nurses too.”

– Alexander

“Missoula Surgical Associates was very professional and I felt very much at ease, I had no concerns what so ever!

I would recommend Missoula Surgical Associates to others and I want to thank Dr. Kattine for all you’ve done for me! You saved my life!”

– Rosemarie

“The informative session before surgery made me feel very comfortable and all my worries were put at ease.

My interactions with the staff at Missoula Surgical Associates was the best part of my experience.  They are really nice people to deal with and made me feel very comfortable.

I would recommend Missoula Surgical Associates to others in a heartbeat! I have already given information to a couple of friends who have vein problems along with literature that Missoula Surgical Associates provided me with.

My legs feel fantastic! I can’t believe how painless the procedure was and I couldn’t even take any medications beforehand to ease my nerves!”

– Gwen S

“I discovered Missoula Surgical Associates from online research.  I felt that Dr. Kattine was the best doctor for my needs based on extensive research via the web, reading reviews and asking friends and colleagues.

Dr. Kattine was more than willing to meet and answer my questions/concerns with compassion and thoroughness throughout the entire process.  This made me feel more comfortable and at ease in making a decision that worked for me.  Furthermore, the nursing staff at Missoula Surgical Associates proved to be outstanding and very caring.  From the initial appointment(s), through the surgical procedure(s) I needed to have in order to correct my vein issues, I knew I would be well taken care of.

The best part was feeling cared for and trusting that Dr. Kattine and his team were there for me if anything went wrong before and after the surgical procedure(s).

I would highly recommend Dr. Kattine and his excellent team.  They are compassionate, caring and willing to listen to even the smallest concern.  In this ever-increasing complicated world of health care and how patients can be viewed, everyone I came in contact with at Missoula Surgical Associates actually took the time to treat me like a human and not a number being punched into a computer.  This is not only refreshing but I believe makes the process rewarding for both sides.  If there were grades to be given, I would give Dr. Kattine and his team an A+!”

– Anonymous

“The best part of my experience at MSA was definitely the professionalism. I would absolutely recommend MSA to others for their surgical needs.

From the receptionist, to the nurses, to the appointment desk and the doc, my experience exceeded my expectations.  Thank you all!”

– Pat