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We have you covered. Whether it’s navigating the insurance world or making sure our surgeons are up-to-date on the most recent technology for safe, quick and effective procedures: our team cares.


Comfortable. Clean. Confident. We strive to make our facilities comfortable so you can get back to doing the things you love. The things that make you walk with a little more confidence. We moved to our new location in July of 2022 so we could provide a more spacious and comfortable experience for our patients. We think you’ll agree: our facilities are as welcoming as our staff.

You’ll find easy (and free!) parking and a wheelchair accessible entrance. Additionally in our waiting room we offer a comfortable environment where we serve complimentary water, coffee, tea. And did we mention WiFi? Have kids? We have coloring books

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Our team of experts respects, well, you. We respect your medical autonomy. Our conversations are transparent, based on decades of experience and always confidential. You’ll feel comfortable and safe discussing your needs. Recognizing “trust” is something you earn, we’re confident our resume in Missoula (and hundreds of testimonials) have earned that trust right here in the garden city.

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Minimally Invasive techniques

Experience Matters

But it takes more than experience. We’re devoted to continuously improving our skills and expertise with the latest advancements in surgical procedures and technology—like robotic and laparoscopic surgery. That allows us to customize the best possible treatment, specifically to your needs.

Robotic surgery utilizes a special device to help the surgeon perform even the most delicate operations with more precision than ever before. Special wristed instruments that bend and rotate far greater than the human hand. 3D imaging optimizes the view of the surgical area for the surgeon. For patients, robotic surgery means smaller incisions, less trauma to skin and surrounding tissue with shorter, more comfortable recovery times.

Laparoscopic procedures also use special instruments and imaging to perform procedures using smaller incisions. Smaller incisions mean less time for healing and less post-operative pain making the entire experience a more positive one for the patient. Smaller incisions also lead to less visible scarring after surgery, a substantial cosmetic benefit.